These photos are a sample taken from the
The Animals of Grandfather Mountain:
An Animal Caretaker’s Tales
revised paperback edition 2011 by L. L. Mitchell ...
(photos from the revised paperback edition are black & white)
Carolina & the Great Pumpkin
Squeak the Cougar
    Goldie & Morley,
  the Golden Eagles
Oconee the River Otter
Yonahlossee as a cub
Pam bottle feeding baby Kodiak --
       Grandfather Mountain’s
1st Cinnamon Colored Black Bear
Silly Heidi the White-Tailed Deer
 Dana feeding Dakota her breakfast!
Carolina, Dakota & Mumbles catching    peanuts from an adoring public!
Kodiak peeking out of his “rock” cave
Chucky the River Otter has an itch!
        Mina the Cougar
(photo by Hugh Morton)